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Download: CPR Book Lists 2023-2024


Schoolbooks Scheme for Junior Cycle in Post-Primary Schools – Information for Parents/Guardians

The new Junior Cycle Schoolbooks Scheme, introduced for the 2024/25 school year, will remove the cost from families of funding schoolbooks for children and young people enrolled in Junior Cycle programmes  in post-primary schools in the Free Education Scheme.

All schoolbooks remain the property of the school and are on loan to students.

A leaflet has been created to provide parents/guardians with information about the scheme. this can be downloaded below.




We operate a Book Rental Scheme for 5th Year students. All  5th Year Parents can avail of the scheme by complying with the following conditions:

  1. Books issued under the Scheme MUST BE RETURNED IN GOOD CONDITION at the end of the course/programme.
  2. Students in 5th Year will get FIVE BOOKS of their choice for a contribution of €80.

This is an optional scheme open to 5th Year students only.

Parents must fill in the names of the books they require from the booklist. This signed order list must be returned to the school by the date stated.

Payment must be made via our  school payments system; ‘Way2Pay’. This enables parents to pay for school events and activities online and on your smartphone. You are sent a text message with the link. You can login to your dashboard or pay on your smartphone without registration.

Books will then be ordered as per list and students can collect their books on return to school.