School Rules

1. Student Journal: Your Journal is the most important book in your bag. It is a record

of your progress in the school and you cannot be in school without it. Not having

your Journal is a serious offence which may be referred to the Deputy Principal.

Should your Journal be lost or damaged, you will be expected to replace it at a

charge of €15. Parents must inspect and sign the journal once per week.


2. Attendance and Punctuality: All students should report to their designated areas for

roll call at 9.00 a.m. Students report directly to their timetabled class after Morning

Break at 11.11 a.m. and at 13.47 p.m. after Lunch Break. Students who are moving

between classes should do so as quickly and orderly as possible. Punctuality is

essential during the school day.

If you are late to school or unduly late for class during the day it will be recorded by

the teacher in your Journal.


3. Absence / Lateness: If you are absent or late for school you must bring a note in

your Journal signed by your parents / guardians. Students who are late for class

should report to their roll call teacher.

Students who are late or absent on a regular basis will be referred to the Year Head.


3.1 Leave of Absence: Students who wish to leave the school at any time must have a

note signed by their parents / guardians. They must get permission to leave from the

Year Head or Principal / Deputy Principal, and must sign the book at reception upon

departure and return.

Please note that the school will not allow a student to leave the premises unless

collected and signed out by parent / guardian


4. Entering and Leaving: Students are not permitted to leave the school grounds

without permission. First and Second Year students are not permitted to leave the

school grounds during Lunch Break, unless they have been given prior permission to

do so. No student is allowed to leave grounds during morning break.


5. Books and Equipment: You must have all your books and equipment for each

subject. Students should ensure that their books and copies are neat and tidy.


6. School Bag: Every student must have a proper school bag. In the bag you must have

your Journal and the books, copies and equipment you need. The school bag should

be brought home to carry relevant books for homework and study every evening.

Students who present without books and equipment will be sanctioned.


7. School Uniform: The school uniform is the visible sign that you are a student in

Coláiste Phobal Ros Cré. The full uniform as described in the Journal must be worn

at all times. The Coláiste Phobal Ros Cré school uniform is compulsory for all


The uniform is to be worn with the shirt neatly tucked in. Out of respect for

yourself and others, you are expected to be clean, neat and tidy at all times. In the

interest of safety and to avoid unnecessary loss or damage, students are permitted to

wear only the jewellery specified in the Journal. Students are not permitted to wear

runners in the school premises except during P.E. class.

Uniform on School Excursions: As a general rule, unless told otherwise, pupils must

wear the school uniform/PE uniform on school excursions. This particularly applies to

attendance at games and other representative functions involving the school.


8. Personal Property: Students must take responsibility for their personal property and

must have their names clearly labelled on all their property, including their school

uniform. Lost items can then be returned to their owners without difficulty. School

bags should be located only in the classrooms, social area bag racks or lockers.


9. Items Not Permitted in School: In order to facilitate the smooth running of the

Coláiste and in the interest of safety, the following items are not permitted in the

school: Phones, Cigarette Lighters, Aerosol Sprays and Laser Pens. These

items and any others that are deemed unsuitable for the school environment will be


Mobile Phones – By order of the Board of Management, students are not permitted to

use phones on school campus. A breach of this rule will result in confiscation of the



10. Bullying and Intimidation: Every student has a right to come to school and to be

educated without being bullied. Rude and hurtful remarks to others are not

acceptable. Students should not take or damage a fellow student’s property. Anyone

who feels they are being bullied or observes somebody else being bullied should

discuss the matter privately with their Class Tutor or any other member of staff or /

and with their parents / guardians. Students involved in incidents of this kind will

be severely dealt with.


11. Class work / Classroom Behaviour: You must cooperate with your teachers and

follow their instructions in each lesson. You must not talk out of turn. You must also

put your hand up when you wish to speak. You are not allowed interrupt teachers or

other students or make noises which disrupt the class. Aggressive behaviour or

actions towards other students or teachers is a very serious discipline incident and will

be dealt with by management accordingly.


12. Homework and Study: Homework and study are very important to your progress in

school. It is easy to forget what you have learned in class. You should study over it

again at home. Homework given must be written into the homework section of

your Journal.


13. Presentation of your work: Untidy presentation and lack of organisation will make

progress more difficult for you. Try to ensure that your school work is presented in a

neat and tidy manner.


14. School Property and Equipment: Any damage to school property and equipment

which includes the corridors, classrooms, outside walls, toilets, desks, chairs and any

other school items is treated very seriously and may be referred to the Principal.

Graffiti is an unsightly act of vandalism which brings down the appearance of your

school and its surroundings.


15. Classroom and Corridors: No running, pushing and general horseplay is allowed

on corridors. Poor behaviour like this causes accidents. You must walk on the left

hand side of corridors to allow a smooth flow of students from class to class. You are

not to enter any classroom without a teacher being present. Students should line up in

single file outside the classroom.


16. Smoking: It is now illegal to smoke and vape on the school premises. It is considered a

serious matter to break this law and fines of up to €3,000 may be imposed on offenders. It is

forbidden to smoke/vape either inside or on the grounds of the school and indeed it is also forbidden

to smoke/vape in the adjacent environs of the school wearing the school uniform. Students

caught smoking in any of the above areas will be suspended.


17. Toilets: In exceptional circumstances a student may be given permission to go to

the toilet during class time. This will be written in the student’s journal. The student

will bring the journal with them to and from their destination.  They will also be given

a corridor pass. During class time students may only use the toilets along the main corridor.

Students are expected to respect toilet facilities and loitering (hanging around) in toilets is

forbidden. Students should only use the toilets which they are allocated during break and lunch time.


18. School Environment: During break times, students should move quickly and quietly

to their destination. You must keep the school environment clean and tidy and

place rubbish in the bins provided.


19. Parking:  In the interest of Health and Safety as well as insurance cover, students

are not permitted to drive a vehicle on school property. Accordingly, all Second

Level student vehicles must be parked outside the school wall and should not be located

in a way that obstructs through-flow of traffic.


20. Home Economics: Students must wear a P.V.C. apron to protect their uniform

during class. They must use a suitable container such as Tupperware or biscuit tin to

bring ingredients to school and to take home their finished dishes.


21. Physical Education: Students are expected to participate wearing only the correct

school P.E. uniform.  It is the student’s responsibility to be correctly dressed and on time

for class immediately after P.E.


22. Lockers: Key holders must use their own lockers only. The lockers may only be

accessed before morning classes commence, morning break, lunch time and evening.

Keep your key with you at all times. Students will not be permitted to access lockers

during class time. Lockers should be kept neat and tidy.


23. Morning Access to Building All early arrivals must stay in Canteen until 8.30 a.m.

each morning. All other social areas are out of bounds until 8.30 a.m.


24 Bridge No students will be permitted to stop for any reason on the bridge linking the

two buildings. The bridge should never be used to evacuate the building in the event

of an emergency.


25. Venues for Morning Breaks

Senior Students – TY, 5th & 6th Years – Canteen

3rd Year Students – Top Corridors

1st Year & 2nd Year students – Main Social Area


26. Chewing Gum, eating and drinking is now allowed in classrooms, or corridors. Food

and drinks are only allowed during morning and lunch breaks.


27. All bottles purchased outside of school are banned from school campus. Energy

drinks and carbonated soft drinks are strictly forbidden.


28. Advertising – All forms of advertising are banned from the school premises unless

they have approval from Management.


29. Petitions – All forms of petitions are banned from the school premises unless they

have approval from Management.


30 Lift – The lift can only be used by those in need. Permission must be

sought from school management beforehand.


These Rules may be amended as circumstances require and are at the discretion of the Board of Management.