Student Council

Comhairle Mac Léinn Coláiste Phobal Ros Cré

The aim of the Student Council is to create in cooperation with the Board of Managment, Principal, Staff, Parents Council and Students, a better school life for the whole school community.

All members of the Student Council are elected by the students and staff.

Election is by secret vote.  The Student Council elects its own Committee, i.e. Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and P.R.O. The Student Council acts as a medium whereby concerns, interests and suggestions from the student body can be passed on to the Principal, Board of Management, Staff and Parents.

Student Council 2017-18

1st Year: Andy Hoolan Kayleigh Bevans
2nd Year: Darragh Rigney Ellie Feehan
3rd Year: Conor Dooley Sharon Shanahan
Transition Year: Matthew Poyner Kayla O’Brien
5th Year: Glen Lewis, Emma Choptiany,
Shauna McDermott
6th Year: Vladislav Bodrov, Ciara McNicholas,
Laurynas Valaika