School Calendar

2020 / 2021

School Opening 1st Years & 6th Year

Cairde Only

Friday 28/08/2020

(9:00 – 1:00)

6th Years Only

3rd Years Only

Monday 31/08/2020

Tuesday 01/09/2020

5th Years Only

2nd Years Only

Wednesday 02/09/2020

Thursday 03/09/2020

Transition Year Only

1st, 3rd & 6th Years

All students back

Friday 04/09/2020

Monday 07/09/2020

Tuesday 08/09/2020


School Closed

Open Night (6th Class Nat. Schools)

Postponed for 2020

Monday 28th September 2020

Thursday 22/10/2020 – Postponed TBC

Mid Term Break: Close Friday 23/10/2020, Reopen Monday 02/11/2020
Parent Teacher Meeting 3rd & 6th Years (TBC) Thursday 03/12/2020 4.15-6.45 p.m.
School Closed Monday 30/11/2020
Christmas Exams In Class Tests up to week ending Dec 18
Christmas Holidays: Close Tuesday 22/12/2020, Re open Wednesday 06/01/2021
Parent Teacher Meeting

2nd & 5th Years (TBC)

Thursday 21/01/21 4.15-6.45 p.m.
TY Work Experience (1st Block)

School Closed (JCT)


18th – 29th January 2021

Monday 25/01/2021

3rd – 12th February 2021 (Gym)

Mid Term Break: Close Friday 12/02/2021, Reopen Monday 22/02/2021
Parent Teacher Meeting

1st & Transition Years (TBC)

Thursday 04/03/21 4.15-6.45 p.m.
School Closed:

Parent Teacher Meeting               

3rd & 6th Years (TBC)

Wednesday 17th March 2021


Thursday 25/03/21 4.15-6.45 p.m.

Easter  Holidays: Close Friday 26/03/2021, Reopen Monday 12/04/2021
School Closed: May Bank Holiday Monday 03/05/2021
TY Work Experience (2nd Block)

6th Year Graduation


24th May – 4th June 2021

Friday 28/05/2021


Summer Holidays: Close Friday 04/06/2021
State Examinations Begin Wednesday 9th June 2021
N. B. This Calendar provides 167 Tuition Days
Dates set for February Mid-Term and Easter are subject to change if school days lost through unexpected closures because of extreme weather. Schools can remain open until February 17th for Mid-Term and March 31st for Easter.