CAO Statement of Application Record 2020


CAO is not in a position to send a postal STATEMENT OF APPLICATION this year due to Covid 19.

On Friday May 15th the CAO sent email correspondence to all applicants who applied to the CAO by the 1st of February, 2020. This email is referred to as the Statement of Application Record email, it replaces the traditional postal document which applicants would normally receive this month.

The Statement of Application Record email instructs applicants to log into their CAO account to verify that all their personal details, examination information, supporting documents (if any), course choices & exemptions(if any) are recorded on their account correctly.

It is very important to read the document carefully to check if there are errors or omissions. Applicants are given the opportunity to rectify this information (for no charge) via their online CAO account.

Failure to correct errors or omissions at this stage could have serious consequences if you do not inform CAO immediately. There is a question & answer session you should look at 1st. There is a video you can look at prior to doing this on the CAO website. If changes are to be made on the Statement of Application Record it should be returned within a week of the receiving email, i.e. without delay.

If everything on the Statement of Application Record is correct you do not need to do anything. In that case, there is no need to make contact with CAO.

If you have a question or query about the Statement of Application Record, Ms. Leyne and Mr. O’Brien can be contacted by email.

This is completely separate to the Statement of Application Record email. If you wish to change your course options, the change of mind facility is now open on the CAO website. Follow the instructions carefully. You have until July 1st for change of mind.
Take care & stay safe

Ms. Leyne & Mr. O’Brien