Letter to Parents & Students 24 Aug 2020


Dear Parents/Guardians, Students,
We would like to update you on our plans for returning safely to school this year.
The school officially re-opens for students on Friday August 28th for 1st year students. All students will have an induction session to help them get to know their school again, get to know their tutors, teachers, Cairde and other key staff who will work closely with them over these days.

Until 7th September, students will only need to bring:
● a pencil case with pens, pencils etc.
● hand sanitizer
● a face mask (please note that these must be appropriate for school setting and no scarves or bandanas are allowed). These are now to be worn at all times
New 1st year Students will get a tour of the school, meet their new classmates and learn how the school day works and what their subjects are about. They will get their new timetables and their school journal which explains how the school runs.

The various Year Groups are in at the following times:
Friday, 28th of August 9.30 – 1.00 – 1st year students only return. 6th yr Cairde’s to attend today also.

Monday August 31st, 6th Year Students only return
Year Head: Ms. Denise McDonnell.

Tuesday September 1st, – 3rd year students only return
Year Head: Ms. Joan Ward

Wednesday September 2nd -5th year students only return
Year Head: Ms. Amanda Rice

Thursday September 3rd 2nd year Students only return.
Year Head: To be confirmed.

Friday September 4th TY Students only return.
Year Head: Ms. Mulrooney

Monday 7th September – 1st, 3rd and 6th years

Tuesday September 8th All students back and follow timetables.

Covid-19 Safety Precautions
We are preparing the school so we can follow all of the necessary safety procedures as outlined by the Department of Education and the HSE. These include:

1. Our Code of Behaviour is currently flexible enough to enable us to deal with instances of non-compliance of mask wearing, failure to follow instructions from a member of staff and unacceptable behaviour. To complement this, the following regulations will also apply:
● All students must wear a face mask in classes, and at all other times while in school.
● Masks must be worn on the corridor, coming into the school building and transferring from class to class.
● Students must not share any items, for example: pens, rulers, calculators, books, water bottles, etc. The Senior Leadership Team will operate a high-trust model, where subject departments may choose to use some shared resources on the basis that they adhere to the strictest Covid-19 control measures.
● Any student caught spitting or coughing at another member of the school community will face a serious sanction, in line with the school’s Code of Behaviour.
● Hand sanitisers should only be used for the purpose intended. Any student caught using the hand sanitisers in an inappropriate manner will face a serious sanction.
● Social distancing, hand hygiene and good respiratory etiquette should be observed by all students. (Good respiratory etiquette means covering your mouth and nose with a tissue or your bent elbow when you cough or sneeze.)
● Where students have an elective subject (e.g. options) they should move quickly into their new class, observing as much physical distance as possible.
● Physical distancing between the teacher and class should be observed.
● No student should attend school if unwell or any members of their household are unwell with symptoms consistent with Covid-19.
● Any student who develops symptoms of Covid-19 at school should bring this to the attention of the Principal promptly.
● Any behaviour deemed to be inappropriate or disrespectful with regards to any member of the school community and COVID-19 Guidelines may incur a serious sanction, in line with the school’s Code of Behaviour.

2. It is ESSENTIAL that we have your correct contact details. In the event of a medical concern, we must be able to contact you immediately. Please check your VSWare account (and/or with Paula in the school office) to ensure all details are correct.
3. It is also ESSENTIAL that you visit the school website and Twitter page for updates, as well as checking your emails regularly. We will communicate with you regularly and will be able to alert you if there are any Covid-19 concerns.
4. Students should NOT come to school if they feel unwell / display any of the Covid-19 symptoms (cough, temperature, loss of smell / taste, shortness of breath).
5. If you have travelled from a country not on the current Green List, your son/daughter must self-isolate for a period of 2 weeks and must not come to school.
6. We have created a Covid Isolation Room in case anyone displays symptoms while in school. In such cases, students will be brought to this space where they can safely isolate until they can be collected as soon as possible and taken home.
7. All classes will be 58 minute duration.
8. All of our rooms have been laid out to ensure social distancing of 1m at a minimum. Depending on certain subjects and the numbers of the students in the class, they may be able to sit further apart from each other.
9. Students will have the same allocated seat and will be encouraged to clean their seat and desk with antibacterial wipes regularly. Classroom desks and chairs will be sanitised at least once every day.
10. Classrooms will have plenty of hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser will be positioned throughout the school at all touch-points and on walls of corridors.
11. Students will be allocated a specific toilet to use and will be only allowed into the toilets in small groups to ensure social distancing.
12. Students will be split for their morning break to reduce the numbers of students mingling with each other. First, second and third year students are not allowed to leave the campus at any stage during the school day, Including break and lunch, in line with agreed school policy.
13. We will offer movement breaks and fresh-air breaks throughout the day and will check-in constantly with students to ensure they are doing well and felling safe.
14. Students will be allocated the same door to enter the school. They leave by the nearest exit to their classroom.
15. Students should have their own hand sanitiser on them at all times and use it regularly. They should also have their own face mask.
16. Parents & Guardians are no longer allowed into any part of the school building without an appointment. Forgotten books etc. will be deposited in a drop box outside the front door of the school for collection.
17. Students will be asked to wear their PE uniform (tracksuit bottoms and polo/T-shirt/hoodie with appropriate runners) on the day they are timetabled to have PE. Please note that these days are NOT non-uniform days and non-PE clothing is unacceptable. It is not an excuse to wear jewellery, piercings or infringe the uniform code in any way. Students who wear inappropriate PE clothing run the risk of being sent home on these days. Tight tops and leggings are not appropriate PE Gear.
18. Teachers will not touch student journals for notes etc. All notes will be on our electronic system (VSWare) which parents have access to. We encourage you to check this daily to see any positive notes or notes of concern that your son/daughter may have.
19. Students should have their own labelled water bottle and have it filled coming from home. We will not be able to fill water bottles or give out drinks from staffrooms. Water Fountains will be out of use.
20. All staff & students must adhere to the one system in operation in the school. Walk on the left hand side.
21. All staff will have completed Covid-19 safety training before returning to work.
22. Students will not have access to their lockers. We will do our best to minimise the number of books students will need to bring to/from school each day and teachers will advise on this in the first 2 weeks of teaching. The introduction of 58 minute classes will see a reduction in the number of subjects taught per day.
23. Students should not leave any of their belongings in school overnight.
24. There can be no sharing of books or equipment in classrooms.

While these measures have been put in place, we must remember at all times that nothing works better than ensuring students take personal responsibility to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. This means ensuring they maintain safe distances from other people, cough/sneeze into their elbow or tissue which is disposed safely, wearing a face mask when social distancing is not possible, washing hands with hot water and soap and continuing to sanitise their hands.

Thank you for your support in helping us to re-open safely and please continue to reinforce all of these important messages to your son/daughter as often as you can. We realise that many of these measures sound scary and daunting but we will do everything we can to help you through this process. If we continue to work together, we can make this challenging time that bit easier. Please communicate with us as often as you need – email is the most effective way of getting in touch with us.

Some of the other measures we have taken to safeguard students in the coming months include:

1. Hand sanitiser dispensers & wipes have been installed throughout the school and in all classrooms
2. Cleaning schedules will be increased and all common touch points will be cleaned multiple times per day;
3. Robust procedures are now in place to respond to a suspected case of Covid-19;
4. We have displayed HSE guidelines and Covid-19 Safety Signage across the school (classrooms, toilet blocks, common areas) to educate students on how to ‘Stop the Spread’ of Covid-19;
5. We have installed markings on the floor at various locations to remind everyone about keeping your distance from others;
6. Hot water has been installed in all student bathrooms.

Confused about what you have to do?
Don’t be; read the To-Do Checklist below.

Looking forward to welcoming your son/daughter back and to a great year ahead.

Kind regards,

Michael O Connor


Pre-Return to School Checklist


Have you made sure that you’ve done the following?

Have you explained the following to your son/daughter?


Task Detail Tick when completed
1 I have read the CPR Parent/Guardian letter sent out via website.


2 I have read and accepted the CPR Acceptable Use Policy


3 I have read the CPR pre return to school Checklist


5 I have purchased all necessary books and materials


6 I have purchased enough plain colour, no logo face masks for my son/daughter and have explained to my son/daughter that they must wear a mask in school at all times


7 I have purchased the correct PE gear for my son/daughter and they will wear it on the day they have PE. I also know that my son/daughter is expected to wear a clean, full uniform at all times otherwise and may be sent home if they do not


8 I have put the school calendar somewhere safe for quick reference


9 I know the school phone number and office email address and the school has my latest contact details. I will answer my phone if the school ring at all times during business hours


10 I know that my son/daughter must self-isolate for 14 days if they have returned from a country not on the Green List and must not attend school for that time


11 I know that the school is now operating a “Stay At Home If Unwell” policy


12 I know that my son/daughter will face a serious sanction for inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour and must follow teachers’ instructions at all times.




I know I can’t visit the school, unless by appointment and that the school doors will be locked. I know that there will be a drop box outside the front door and that one-to-one meetings with teachers, Deputy Principal and Principal will be for emergencies only




I know that my son/daughter has been allocated a specific toilet in the school


I know that my son/daughter must have their own water supply
16 I will assist the school in the event that my son/daughter must learn from home

Re-opening Summary for Parents


  • The school discourages all non-essential visits. You must phone the office in advance and make an appointment with Paula in our office 050523939 if you wish to:
    • urgently drop an item to the school (e.g. book)
    • pick your child up from school
  • The school discourages all one-to-one contact or meetings with teachers, the Deputy Principal and Principal. All business, unless urgent, must be dealt with over the phone first.
  • Everyone will be required to sanitise their hands on entering and leaving a classroom.
  • Students will sanitise their seat, desk and/or work station/computer etc. at the end of each class under the supervision of the teacher.
  • Desks have been arranged to keep students 1m apart.
  • Students cannot share any materials with other students.
  • Students will be expected to wash their hands regularly, socially distance and always wear a plain, no logo mask in the corridors and classrooms.
  • A one-way system will be in place to direct students around the school. Signage will give clear guidance to students.
  • Lockers will not be provided to any student and students must bring in the relevant books for each day.
  • Training will be provided to all staff members.
  • The school will be cleaned more regularly, including touch points and surfaces.
  • Extra-curricular activities will be on hold until after the midterm break at the earliest.
  • The school operates a ‘stay at home if you feel unwell’ policy for students.
  • Students must self-isolate at home for 14 days if they have arrived from a country not on the Green List.
  • A full, clean uniform is expected every day and this policy will be strictly enforced. Students may wear their full PE uniform only on the day they have PE. Appropriate PE gear must be worn. Tight fitting tops or leggings are not appropriate.
  • Regular washing of masks, uniform and self is encouraged.