Letter to 6th Year Students & Parents – 24 Feb 2021

Dear 6th Year Students, Parents and Guardians,

Following the Taoiseach’s announcement last night we now have some clarification on the path forward for reopening schools. We will return to in school classes for all 6th Year students from Monday March 1st. This is fantastic news and we are delighted to be welcoming you back to school.

Because you will be back for physical in-school teaching from Monday, our online platform for 6th years will cease this Friday. No more remote teaching will take place for the 6th year cohort. You must attend school from now on to progress in your courses and subjects.

School will look very different though. You will be the only year group present in the school for at least two weeks. In spite of this, you will be expected to wear full school uniform. The school’s code of behaviour will continue to operate.

Your 6th year teachers will be in school to teach your classes, but they too will have to continue teaching their other groups remotely either from school or home.

All of us must wear masks, visors are no longer sufficient as per NPHET advice. NPHET have also placed high importance on ventilation so we must continue to have doors and windows open as much as possible. While the school heating will be on, because of added ventilation you will be permitted to wear appropriate extra clothing. Coats and jackets etc.

The canteen will be open and will provide your free snacks at break time as usual. To reduce movement and maintain your safety, I will be insisting that you remain on site during lunchtime for the period until the Easter Break. You can bring a packed lunch with you or you can use the canteen facilities. Hot meals will be provided each day at lunch time for around €2.

It is not clear yet in relation to the holding of mock exams. I will speak to all on Monday and get your opinion on it before putting a plan in place. I want you to think about this and give me your views.

As before all the usual Covid precautions are still to be observed, social distancing, face masks, hand washing and sanitising and remain at home if you experience any symptoms. In addition, I have sent out in the post a parent declaration that must be completed and returned to us on Monday morning. You will not be permitted entry without this completed. Please have it with you.

Finally, we are delighted to have you back with us. Please use this time back in school with your teachers to prepare yourself for the choices that lie ahead for you. I must encourage all of you to have full attendance except in the case of experiencing symptoms of Covid. Together you and your teachers will prepare for your Leaving Certificate. I look forward to meeting you all again on Monday morning.


Mr. O’ Connor.