Letter to 1st/2nd/3rd & TY Parents

March 26th 2021


Dear Parent / Guardian,

I hope this letter finds you all well and that you and your family remain safe during these unprecedented times. As you know, your son / daughter has been engaged with online learning now since January. Little did we think that it would still be the case heading into Easter.

We know that it is the Government’s intention to have all students return to school after the Easter break. It is our wish that this can happen. We want to return to in school learning and continue with all our students in school, as safely as possibly. We expect this to happen from April 12th next. Please keep tuned in to Government announcements between now and then to be aware of any change to this.

To facilitate the safe return of students and with the permission of the Tipperary ETB we intend to stagger our students return back into the building from April 12th. This is so we can ascertain how to safely manage the increased volume of students, manage their movement, and access to the building and adequately supervise and maintain the social distancing and other Covid protocols that continue to remain in place.

I have given the schedule of student return below. Each year head will organise an online assembly with each year group. The time and date of this will be issued to your son/daughters team’s page. Please ask them to keep an eye out for this. We will also text you with the arrangements.  Mr. Flynn, their year head, myself and other relevant staff will explain and guide your son/ daughter about the safe return to school protocols via this platform in advance of their return.

As part of the return to school procedures, a parent declaration must be completed. Mr. Flynn will later issue this to you electronically. Please complete it online. Your son / daughter will not be permitted to enter the building until this has been returned to us. After April 12th, should they be absent for any reason, you must also re submit a new declaration on their return to school.

The schedule for return is as follows:

Monday April 12th: 3rd years return and remain onsite, continuing in school learning.

Tuesday April 13th: 1st years return and remain onsite, continuing in school learning.

Wednesday April 14th: 2nd years return and remain onsite, continuing in school learning.

Thursday April 15th: TY’s return and remain onsite, continuing in school learning.

We look forward to welcoming your son / daughter back to school as per the schedule above and hope that you all have an enjoyable Easter break.


Yours sincerely,

Mr. Ml. O’ Connor