News – May 11 2020

End of Year Assessment for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, TY & 5th Years
· Your young person needs your support during this challenging time, particularly in terms of engaging with assessment.
· Your young person’s wellbeing is paramount at this time. Ensure he/she is eating healthily, taking time for exercise/activities and striking a balance between schoolwork and downtime.
· Assure your young person that assessments are an opportunity to celebrate their learning.
· Be familiar with each subject department’s plan for assessment.
· Check in regularly to see if your young person is reaching his/her targets.
· Ensure your young person has the materials they require for engaging in assessments.
· Display relevant information somewhere prominent to help your young person remain focused for the remainder of the term
· If your young person misses a deadline for the key assignments for a genuine reason (illness, broadband issues, etc.) please contact the subject teacher who will endeavour to ensure every student has a fair chance to complete the work.
· It is important for parents/guardians to communicate with the school in the event you’re your young person does not engage with an assessment.
· Highlight the importance of engaging with assessment at this point in their education. While it may not take the form they had originally anticipated, it is a milestone in their education, and they will want to do their best.
· If you have any questions or concerns about your young person’s engagement or progress, please contact the subject teacher who will be delighted to advise and support you.
Coláiste Phobal Ros Cré values your support to date and requests your assistance in maintaining the integrity of the May 2020 Assessment, by ensuring that the instructions issued with each assessment are followed.
· Assessments are an opportunity to celebrate your learning.
· Engage with your teachers and your classes for the remainder of the term.
· Organise a workspace that will help you to concentrate on the task in hand.
· Be aware of your assessment timetable. Know exactly when you have assessments, project deadlines etc.
· Communicate with your teachers if you are unclear about arrangements.
· While the format of the assessment may differ from what you expected, it is still important, and you should give it your very best shot.
· Organise the materials/books/technology you need for your assessments in advance. Do not leave it until the last minute.
· Approach your assessments as you would in school
~ Follow school rules (social media, eating, chatting etc.)
~ Stick to allocated timeframes
Respect the assessment process – it is ‘your own’ work that is being assessed, not ‘work belonging to somebody else’

Food Parcels
Another 440 food parcels were delivered to families this past week. This is being undertaken by An Garda Siochana with the assistance of members of Roscrea GAA. Thanks must go to these volunteers to ensure this initiative continues.

4000 Visors made and nearly all delivered to healthcare workers. Please continue to like and share our Facebook page and let people know that Visors are still available. Please contact the school on 0505 23939 or email

“A million thanks you’s to Diarmuid and all involved for getting us these amazing visors for my staff and I, as protection during this crazy time. My mam Helen Baggott had made enquiries and Coláiste Phobal was straight on to it. On the same day as making 50 for my staff and I, they were also delivered to my hospital that very same day. Amazing. Thank you so so much from me and my nurse & healthcare team” Emer Baggott, Cara Care Centre