Letter to Parents – 22 Feb 2021

February 22nd, 2021.


Dear Parent / Guardian,


I hope this finds you well and that you and your son / daughter have had an enjoyable Midterm break. I know there have been many media announcements over the last week, but we are still awaiting on guidance and clarification from the Department of Education in relation to these. By way of information, we do not have any special classes which returned to other post primary schools today, therefore we still remain closed.

While we are still awaiting detailed guidance, we do know the following:

Written Leaving Certificate examinations will be put in place, which will operate in accordance with the normal timetables. (Published last week on www.examinations.ie)


Additional assessment components, such as orals, practical performance tests and coursework will be put in place, subject to NPHET advice at the time, with components in certain subjects not operating for public health reasons.


An accredited Grades system to be operated by the SEC will be available whereby LC students can opt to have grades in some or all of their subjects issued to them at the same time as their examination results.


I am awaiting all of the above to be confirmed and as soon as the DES/SEC provides detailed guidance on the various elements of these arrangements. I will forward these to you once I have them.


I also expect that confirmation will be issued this week on the return of 6th years students to the school from March 1st next. Again, I am awaiting confirmation and guidance in relation to this.


If this is to proceed as indicated, 6th year classes will be present in the school building from March 1st along with the relevant staff. There will be a return to school declaration to be completed by you for your son/ daughter. This is enclosed with this letter. Please complete this. Your son / daughter can return it to us on their first morning back in the school.


In relation to Mock exams, no decision has been taken in relation to these. I will wait to speak with the 6th years themselves when they are back with us.


I will keep you updated as soon as we receive further information.



Yours sincerely,


Mr. Ml. O’ Connor.